An event titled "Moon-viewing Party" is under way at space No. 5 on the fifth floor of the main building of Mitsukoshi's flagship store in Nihonbashi.
Here is a photo of the event.

Set up near the escalator is a stage named "Taketori Monogatari," where our Mokumoku-Pendant (L) and other items are exhibited.

To the left of the escalator, they have a space for a moon-viewing drinking party.

The pendant, tablestand and floorstand lamps of our Moon series are shown here and there with products of Nousaku Corp.
Looking at the photo, is there anything you notice?
(I'm sorry for the small size of the photo.)
Each Moon lamp is designed so that half of it lights brighter than the other half. Depending on the direction from which it is seen, the lamp looks like a crescent moon, half moon or full moon.

The lamp can also be seen from the side of the escalator. From this angle, it looks like a crescent moon.

The Moon-Pendant (SP) is on display at the center of the exhibition space.

This is a rare extra-large lamp.
The Moon-viewing Party event runs through September 23 (Tuesday and holiday) on the fifth floor of the Mitsukoshi Department Store in Nihonbashi.
Come and see this fabulous event.



Nighttime opening of Kongobuji, the ecclesiastic head temple of Koyasan Shingon Buddhism

It gets really cold in the morning and at night these days.
This morning, the temperature in Tottori was 15 degrees C. I was curling up in the bed.
Now, here's some good news.
Kongobuji, the ecclesiastic head temple of Koyasan Shingon Buddhism, is now open for nighttime visitors. At the invitation of Mr. Hiroshi Nagane of Tokyo Design Party, we have offered our Moon lamps to be used for the nighttime lighting of the temple.

This is a limited-time event that runs through October 31.
This is a very rare opportunity. I would like to go and take pictures. (I hope I'll be able to take good ones.)
Why don't you go and enjoy the nighttime lighting at the temple?


It was really cold this morning.
With small flocks of red dragonflies flying around, I feel a hint of autumn in the air.
We are going to participate in an event that goes well with the autumn season.
The event is intended to present a lifestyle incorporating the elements of a "moon waiting party," such as bonsai and Japanese sake, in addition to flower vases and tableware designed by Nousaku Corp.
We will exhibit more than ten seamless three-dimensional washi lamps for sale.
Enjoy the gentle light reminiscent of the moon.
Our staff will go to Tokyo and attend the exhibit on some of the weekends.
Everyone is welcome to come and see our products.

* The lamp seen in the upper right is our Moon-Floorstand 250 (S).

Some of the products will be put on display, starting August 27 (Wed), before the opening of the event on September 10 (Wed).

Gift show 2014

I know I should inform you about events in real time, but I'm uploading several posts at the same time again.
I really need to get rid of this bad habit.
Anyway, here is some information about a gift show that we are going to participate in.

78th Tokyo international gift show
10:00~18:00(last day ~17:00)
West Hall 1st floor 2nd hall  2260-2269

We will exhibit compact seamless three-dimensional washi lamps that are suitable as gifts.

The show is a big one that will use all the halls on the east and west sides.
The site is expected to be very crowded. But don't get discouraged and miss this opportunity.
We look forward to seeing you.


About the limited-time shop at JR Nagoya Takashimaya Department Store

As we have suddenly begun to have cold mornings and nights, I feel for my blanket while in bed with increasing frequency.
Keep your physical shape up, everyone.
A limited-time shop was opened at JR Nagoya Takashimaya Department Store yesterday on August 27 (Wed).


Our shop is surrounded by the aroma and fragrance shops, so you can enjoy looking at our AOYA washi lamps while savoring the good smell of those products.

We have the entire collection of our products, including the Toshiyuki KITA series and Natural series as well as the by|n meister series developed in collaboration with nendo.
It seems that customers want to put our lamps in the Japanese-style rooms of their homes.
The comments that we have received from customers include "Washi really relaxes me" and "Just looking at it makes me feel refreshed."
The shop gives away copies of our catalog. Take one and find out about the products we offer.

Also, take the escalator to the ninth floor, where our Mokumoku and Mayu pendants are displayed.
I urge those of you who live in the Tokai area to come and see our products.