This is the second post I've uploaded today.

The semi-wrinkle washi series designed by nendo won the 2014 Good Design Award.
You can see and buy the award-winning products and other excellent products at the following place:
Content: Titled "Good Design for Life - Now & 70's," the event features articles for daily use designed in the 70s and the brands of those articles. There is also a Design 2014 section, where designs for the present lifestyle that are an extension of the trend in those times are presented.
A broad range of items, from the products of Taniguchi Aoya Wahi that earned the Good Design Award and clocks and stationery of other companies, are exhibited.
When I take photos of the event, I'll upload them later.
As I said in my previous post, the Good Design Exhibition starts inside the Tokyo Midtown complex.
We have three consecutive holidays in autumn. Please come and see the exhibition.