It was really cold this morning.
With small flocks of red dragonflies flying around, I feel a hint of autumn in the air.
We are going to participate in an event that goes well with the autumn season.
The event is intended to present a lifestyle incorporating the elements of a "moon waiting party," such as bonsai and Japanese sake, in addition to flower vases and tableware designed by Nousaku Corp.
We will exhibit more than ten seamless three-dimensional washi lamps for sale.
Enjoy the gentle light reminiscent of the moon.
Our staff will go to Tokyo and attend the exhibit on some of the weekends.
Everyone is welcome to come and see our products.

* The lamp seen in the upper right is our Moon-Floorstand 250 (S).

Some of the products will be put on display, starting August 27 (Wed), before the opening of the event on September 10 (Wed).