Letter of Appreciation

It's been hot for some time now.
In many parts of Japan, schools have broken up for the summer.

The other day, we presented a letter of appreciation to the Tottori Institute of Industrial Technology, with which we often work jointly in research and development of washi and other activities.
They have also posted an article about this on their website. To read the article, go to:

Our letter of appreciation is unlike others, with the Kanji characters meaning appreciation written on a Toh-floorstand (M) by calligrapher Hokai Shibayama.
(Director Murae, right, and Hirofumi Taniguchi, left)

During the presentation ceremony, we explained our recent activities and new products.

After that, we had a commemorative picture taken with the staff of the institute.

These are photos of the exhibition.

When put along with the letters of appreciation from other companies, ours stands out.

In addition to the word written on the shade, a letter of appreciation is attached to the metal plate.

If you would like a unique award certificate like this one, we would be happy to accommodate your request.
Please feel free to contact us.

Staff members of the institute, I think that there will be times in the future when we seek your cooperation and advice, as we have in the past. We count on your continued support.

Tanakajima Furniture Shop

My habit of putting things off always makes me have to post a bunch of articles at a time. I really need to get rid of this habit.
The Interior Lifestyle Exhibition was held in June.
The Tanakajima Furniture Shop approached us about our seamless three-dimensional washi at the exhibition.
They have decided to sell our products at their shop.

【Tanakajima Furniture Shop】

Our products are featured not only on their website but also on their mail order catalog.
We appreciate their decision.

Everyone, go and visit the Tanakajima Furniture Shop.

Design website

The article and photos were published in 2013/12/5 few design websites.


2. designboom


Please take a look!

new item! -semi-wrinkle washi-

The semi-wrinkle washi that we have developed jointly with nendo.

(Photo by Hiroshi Iwasaki)

失物招領 Lost & Found Beijing

Today, I would like to introduce you to a Chinese store in Beijing that has dealt with our Natural series and other products since last year.

The store is called Lost & Found Beijing.

They offer a wide range of products from meticulously selected sundries to originally designed furniture, clothing, accessories and pottery. These products are all simple, durable and warm tools and handworks. They present products with reverence for the past that customers will cherish for a long time and lifestyles that match those products.

They have two stores in Beijing and one in Shanghai.

We are really glad that our products are sold at a store operating under such a wonderful concept in a city far away from Japan.

(All the photos have been provided by Lost & Found Beijing.)

I would like to visit the store sometime in the future.

If you are living in China or plan to go there on a tour, go and visit the store.